Now you can “sell on the web”
with the e-commerce solution provided
by SoftekServices.net !

As you already know, consumer-oriented retail e-commerce is already a $1.9 billion industry. And, right now, thousands of retailers and small business owners are looking for the right tools to do business over the internet. You will be e-commerce ready with AlaCart, a full featured shopping cart program that can hold many products. AlaCart's powerful features include:

  • Graphical, easy-to-use, web-based administration suite
  • Built-in credit card validation
  • Highly customizable "look and feel"
  • Unlimited product categories and sub-categories
  • Automatic shipping and handling charges, customized by the user
  • Automatic tax table, completely customizable
  • Product search capabilities
  • Secure order processing
  • Online documentation
Click here to see a test site using AlaCart.

Remember: all colors, messages, product descriptions, logos and titles are customizable. This sample administration suite shows how you can edit colors and messages, among other features.

Click here to see the ADMIN DEMO.
Username/Password: alacart/alabanza

The only cost to you will be a small one time Set Up Fee of $200. That's it. There are no more fee associated with the shopping cart, and it is yours to use as long as you are hosted with us.

Payment Option

Pay By Check Or Money Order

Use PayPal to Pay the Ecommerce Shopping Cart with a Visa or a MasterCard VIA THE PAYPAL SECURE SERVER.
Please make sure to include your Domain Name.