Cost Per Year $200 YES... Absolutely NO Catches or Hidden Fees... Ever...
It's Guaranteed!
Free Domain Name One Free .com, .net, or .org domain name with NO INTERNIC FEES for as long as you remain a fully paid client!
Super Fast Servers Yes
Network Connectivity (3)DS-3's and (1)OC-3
Server Hardware 550 MHz Pentium III
Server Operating Systems Red Hat Linux 6.1 (Cartman)
Server Software Apache 1.3.12
Personal SMTP Mail Server yes - Free (Sendmail 8.10.2)
Direct (Live Person) Monitoring 24/7/365
Web Based Control Panel yes - Free
PHP 4 yes - Free
Can host any domain - .com, .net, .org, .nl, .au, .ca, .cc, etc. yes
Traffic Allowance Per Month 5 Gigs
Disk Space 200 Megs
Access FrontPage, Control Panel, FTP
POP3 Email Account Unlimited
Secure Server yes - $35 one time set up fee
Email Redirects Unlimited
Subscribable Mail lists yes - Free
AutoResponders/Email aliases Unlimited
FrontPage Extensions Yes - No Extra Charge
Cgi-bin yes - Free
Pass protected WebPages yes - Free
Graphic Counter yes - Free
Anonymous FTP yes - Free
Chat yes - Free
Online Web Wizard yes - Free
MySQL Access 3.23.18-alpha yes - Free
MIVA/TMLScript $100 Setup Fee

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There are absolutely no monthly fees. Plus, SoftekServices.net never puts annoying banners on your site, and never puts pop up ads on your site either! Just 100% web hosting. There is never any Forced Advertising! This is perfect for businesses and entrepreneurs. We can host any domain name, and you can use your site for practically anything! Personal, family, or business... we would love to host it.

We support Java, PERL, C++, TCL, and Python, and Microsoft Front Page Support

Full Unrestricted Cgi-Bin access -

  • Site search engine.(see below)
  • Password protected web pages
    • This allows you to lock a directory so web pages are only viewable with password and login
    • Fully Administered from a web page, for ease of operation
    • Note, this is not available for front page sites.
  • Graphics Counter with page Stats
  • Site Search - simple whole site search engine
  • SSI- Server Side included on all pages ending with .sht or .shtml
  • Weekly statistics on the number of visitors to your site categorized by page, hits and transfer amounts.
  • List server - mailing list program with many features.
  • Redirection capability - the ability to redirect a web page to read information from other sources
  • SSL access - this allows for the acceptance of encrypted information - $35 one time fee.

Site Backups

  • Web directories and home directories backed up bi-weekly (every other week)
  • Main system operations backed up every 4 hours