EASY 3-Step Transfer

Are you unhappy with your current web hosting provider? Do you need a simple solution with no downtime and great technical support? SoftekServices.net has the answer. Follow our simple 3 step transfer program that makes moving your website to our servers a snap.

STEP 1: Sign up now using our online order form. SoftekServices.net will provide you with an IP address so you can start uploading your website immediately. 

STEP 2: 

If you don't know how to change your NameServers (or don't even know what NameServer is) CLICK HERE to have your domain name transferred to us with our free domain transfer service!

Or, if you know how to change your NameServers yourself:
Contact your domain name registrar (Network Solutions, Register.com, etc.) and request to change your DNS information.  SoftekServices.net's DNS info is:

Domain servers in listed order:


Note:  Depending on your registrar, be sure to complete the change process by responding to the change request emails from your registrar.

STEP 2: That's it! As soon as your registrar completes the transfer, usually 1 to 7 days, you may close your former web hosting account.


Call us toll free at (U.S.) - 1.888.252.8303 (International - 1-262-523-9050) and a SoftekServices.net sales representative will assist you.

Please note: To insure no downtime to your website, Do Not cancel your current web hosting account until 7 days after your registrar has pointed your domain towards our servers. Also, for uninterrupted email, please setup the same POP3 accounts that you have with your current provider.

Transferring Your Existing Site To Us Is Fast And Easy...

Here at SoftekServices.net, we believe that the customer who already owns their domain name is a very important and a very special customer.