How do we do it ?
How do we offer such a high quality web hosting service without charging Exhorbitant Fees ?

You are probably saying to yourself right now, "Well, this sounds great... but How do they do it ?"

Trust me, you are not the first.

Here is how SoftekServices.net is able to operate without exhorbitant fees:

  • $200 Annual Fee

  • Banner Advertisement served directly to you when you login to your Online Control Panel (not on your website... we NEVER force you to advertise for us).


Our Hosting Company has more than 16,000 domains and have been in business for years. We offer 24 hour support, we answer our phones, we have fast servers, we have a fast professional staff, and our business plan is rock solid.

The choice is simple...If you want to stop paying exhorbitant fees forever. Try it free for 15 days with no obligation, Signup Now!